22 May 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well I’m back on the ground in Newberg and I’m very glad to be back home with my family.
I’m totally smoked though from late nights a lot of energy and little sleep. So I’ll probably go dark here for a few days as I try to catch up on sleep.


Anonymous said...

Chris...I...and I'm sure others are am patiently waiting for your responses from Morningstar! HOw did it go? I emailed Rick, and he said the Lord was definitely present and coming from him.

I've been reading Randy Joyner's book(s), and their very interesting! Did you get to meet him?

Dane form "Wild at heart" Retreat 2008.

Silverback said...

Hi Dane, and others, fair enough.
Sorry for the long delay on posting. Since I've been home I reckon I had to pay the piper for suddenly leaving work for half a week and also I've been mostly telling the stories form SC verbally.

That's only to say that I've been busy really. but I will be posting a full post here in the next few days. I have some time up north specifically devoted to writing so I reckon you'll see something real soon.