10 May 2008

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On 5/9/08 8:34 PM, Ken  wrote:

Yeah, something bigger I believe is around the corner, and what you are saying definitely makes sense.  Yes, you may share my story with the group.
The next part of the journey that God is calling me to, is another prayer journey on May 17.  I would hope to have the BCNW team members be in prayer over what God's plan is in this, and if possible during the morning of the 17th.  Since I've been home the story has taken a new turn and all the more God has been confirming in my heart that May 17th is the day to come before Him and pray for the release of the captives and to drive out the "midianites" (Judges 6) out of King County, and sound the alarm..  It involves a mt top hike near my home that over looks the county.  Early April I sensed that the time for me to go was May 17th.  Many of the events of the retreat prepared me, for the days that are leading up to the 17th, including our chat about the angels.   As I mentioned I wrestled for two years over when I was suppose to go on this journey, sometimes I thought I missed the opportunity to go.  Now I beleive!  that  God has given me the go ahead for this day, confirmed through prayer, many events, and circumstances that only God can orchestrate.  
The story is deeper and more detailed than I had time to share with you at the retreat.  It began with repentance, healing, my new name and I believe a mission
Appreciate your prayers and the others too.  If there are any questions please call.  Also this weekend their is a prayer event going on locally/globally.  More air war. You can forward this email to the others if you want, I'll leave it up to your discernment.   Jim Z. might be going with me I haven't heard back from him yet.
For His Kingdom,
P.S. May 17th is National Armed Forces Day.  No coincidence.

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Dude -  I gotta tell you.
JB will back me up on this I’m pretty sure, but in the period between roughly a week before camp and now (so it’s ongoing) we’ve had more spiritual ‘chatter’ on the line then I’ve ever seen. Really – more than ever, and by a long shot, and by no means is that limited to BCNW. There is  huge stuff going on all over the country right now and in many different ministries.  And let me clear, it’s primarily positive chatter, not warfare stuff for the most part, but ‘Aslan is on the move’ stuff. Something huge is afoot as we speak we right now...but I’m a long way from understanding what it’s about.

I should tell you that I am convinced that a major part of what’s happening right now, and how far or how long it goes on, hinges on the willingness of folks to spread the word. It’s a little like Holy Spirit telephone. As you sat down to tell me about your part of the story, it suddenly made me aware of connections to my story that were hidden up to that point. I responded with additional stories which has come to where we are now.

This is the pattern I’m seeing a lot of right now. I’m sure it’s a big principle anyway, but particularly at this moment (maybe up to May 17th?) we must deliberately fight the impulse to internalize the ways that God is speaking to us – we must be very purposeful not to hide our light under a bushel. It’s these CONNECTIONS that are moving this chatter forward and upward.

So in the spirit of my own advice, here’s a link to my blog which will let you in on a story that has been developing in my life over the last week or two:

Probably go back to a post called ‘waiting’ and read forward from there to get the feel for what’s been happening.

Strength and honor my friend!

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