10 May 2008

A piece of the puzzle?

We may just have gotten a piece of the puzzle for our still unclear path to NC.

Re was at a baby shower today and one of the girls there (who doesn’t know anything about this story, and I don’t think is even a Christian) ‘mentioned’ that she had two free tickets on Alaska/Horizon that were open ended and she was giving them away. It seems it’s some kind of perk her husband gets at work but they can’t use the tickets.

That said, Alaska/Horizon doesn’t go to Charlotte. Looks like they go about as far as Chicago but no farther. So it’s a step in the right direction, but not a done deal.

In the spirit of seeing this through the ‘signs’  lenses, this smacks A LOT of the Chris-Goes-To-Boston story from two years ago, which in many ways has been a  loose template or this experience. Specifically, on the day before I had to leave for Boston a guy handed me exactly this kind of ticket but on Southwest and said, ‘have a good trip.’ But as it happened, I couldn’t use that ticket because there were no seats available. It was then that God said, ‘Chris – go to Borders’ where I met another guy who gave me another ticket...and the rest is HisStory.

So...is this following a similar pattern? Is this a sort of head fake that serves to add drama to an already dramatic set-up?
We’ll see...

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Anonymous said...

Chris, you probably have a huge amount of people who are watching the outcome of this! Rest assured I certainly am!

You were very inspiring at the "Wild at heart" Retreat, and I even used your "Wake up" technique today in Sunday School! It woke them up alright.

It was the first time I lead a Sunday School. Our Pastor came up sick this morning. This after he said he would cover for the regular "instructor". He had to go to welcome his son home from Iraq... maybe you won't believe it...in North Carolina!!! True!!! I didn't even know he was going anywhere until this morning! The Lord has an extremely kind sense of humor don't you think? I had to tell you!

You guys were very inspirational, and have made me very strong in the Lord. God bless you, and it's an exciting adventure every day since!!!

By the way, I had an hour's notice and didn't have time to study, but with the Lord's help and strength, people said afterwards that the message of redemption and forgiveness really hit home!

God Bless You! Please keep us informed! Dane Strausz