13 December 2007


I find myself in an interesting frame of mind.

It’s part exhausted, part exhilarated. I’m partially overwhelmed, and somehow anxious for more. I’m living in a moment that is powerfully spiritual but almost cloyingly material.

There is so much to say about the last few months. Simply telling the stories would take several pages and yet even these few words seem premature in some way.

Perhaps that’s wisdom – maybe writing everything now is just to soon. It all needs time to germinate.

But for the simple purpose of relaying a few facts:
  • The Bontrager family moved into my house at the beginning of September
  • Instead of three days (you know, like fish) they stayed three months
  • They moved out last weekend into their own place and we deeply miss them – the house seems empty.
  • We had the best month ever in my business in September
  • I was within a hairsbreadth of loosing my business last week
  • God is still God
  • God is always good

...presumably more to come.

03 December 2007

Another New Sermon

Yeah so I actually got the opportunity to finish the thoughts I had started in the last sermon on authority, obedience and submission. So this sermon (see Strange Fire part 2 in sidebar) and the last should be seen as a single...very...very...long thought.