09 April 2007

Answer to prayer!

So I could use all the prayer available from those who read this. My dad just called and let me know that he’s coming to Boot camp at the end of this month! Yippee!

Of course I don’t know, nor should I, what God may have in store for my father at camp. It may be life-changing...it may just be a long weekend in the desert. But it means a lot to me that he’s coming up here and to share another thing that means a lot to me, BCNW, with my dad is really, really cool.

That said, I want to surrender all of my own expectations up to God and entrust my father’s heart with those of you who would likely be better intercessors than myself right now. In short, I’m too close to the whole thing and know that my tendency would be to get too involved and try to make something click by my own strength as opposed to getting out of the way and letting God do whatever he might do.

So I guess that’s that.

Next stop – to get #3 out here as well.