12 June 2008

Really, I'm not stalling

I feel I should say something about all that happened last month in South Carolina. Several people have pinged me in one way or another to say, “well...what happened?”

I’m not stalling, and while I’ve certainly been busy, that’s not really what’s been delaying the post (or several). The thing has just been wicked hard to write about. I’ve tried several times and there are so many things to say, but it’s like I can’t come to any kind of nearly comprehensible (to say nothing or eloquent) way of describing the whole thing.

I think my mother-in-law hit it on the head. She said writing it all down sort of commits the whole thing to a black and white situation, and I reckon I’m just not ready for the whole thing to be black and white. For that matter, it may never be ready for that, but at least for now, I’m still working through a lot of it. In W@H speak, I’d say “There’s a lot to unpack there.”

So, sorry for the additional delay if you’re waiting...something really is coming, but it will have to be in it’s own time.

Kathie – did the apostrophe make you’re eye twitch? ;)


Anonymous said...

Take your time Chris, but I really want to know one, if it's real, and two MOST importantly from the Lord!

Like I said, my wife has MS, and although she is not an invalid, she has pain daily. I've been waiting for that reason. If you agree on those two points, I will seriously pray if that's where I should take her.

Mind you, even if Jesus or the Holy Spirit give us a sign, I am good with it still in His hands, and might just result in no healing if that's His wishes.

I instantly liked and respected you when you gave your presentation in Antelope. Especially since you were moved by the Lord to rewrite your presentation the night before. That told me you are in touch with Him as one could be.


Chris said...

Will it help if I promise to keep my mouth shut no matter what you write? ;)

In all seriousness, can't wait to hear what you have to say.

Silverback said...

At least to your two questions I think I can answer pretty succinctly.
Is it real? I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that I personally witnessed at least a dozen genuine healings. And if I'm willing to count the folks who were in the same room, but not under my own hands, I was in a room where hundreds of people were healed of things from 'my elbow hurts' to 'I'm dying.' I was also there, though not part of the prayer, of a man who got up out of his wheel chair, and he was there with advanced MS.

Is it from God? In my opinion it clearly is. Everything about the setting and the meetings passed the stink test to my satisfaction and I really felt the Lord was there in big ways.

But with both those answered, I also want to add a note of caution. Healing is, and always been, a mystery. That guy (named Chris actually and on one of the highlight videos on the website) got up from his wheelchair while Steve who was just a few feet away did not. I'd encourage you to seek the healing, but don;t put yourself in a position where you or your wife will be crushed or grow resentful if it doesn't happen.

Finally, if a personal healing is what you're looking for, let me suggest visiting Bill Johnson's church first. He was the key note speaker at the event and has a profound healing ministry. But his church is in Redding, CA...a lot closer than MornngStar.

Kristin said...

This might sound really simplistic, but I just felt compelled to add a message to Dane:
Dane,I don't know you, but I wanted to assure your heart that JESUS ALONE is the Healer. Yes, people are given the gifts of the healing ministry, but don't feel like you're 'missing out' on anything or cheating your wife of a possible healing if you don't attend one of these healing churches/events. Jesus is with you, He is with your wife, and you, as her husband and brother in Christ, already have the anointing through Him to lay hands on her, pray for her, and ask Jesus to heal her. He isn't in the business of saying, "I'll only heal her if you take her to one of these people"... because that would be lifting a person above our Lord. HE is her Healer, and He is right there in your very own home - you need not go anywhere else. The Healer is already there. I just felt compelled to encourage you in that aspect.

Kathie said...

Yes, Doctor, my eye is twitching desperately--why are you so mean to me? Apostrophe abuse is like a little arrow in my eye...

I actually appreciate your reluctance to try to make everything black and white, to lay it all out as though the math finally came together perfectly: 2+2=4, done. I haven't blogged about my trip to Spain because I just can't get my head around it without a giant mind-map and verbal processing to boot. It's not a tidy blog post.

Miss you all, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you so much Chris and Kristin!!! I will very pray very diligently...continue to ask what He wants, and wait for Him to shop me the path.

God Bless both of you!!!!

Love ya brother and sister in the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the terrible typing....hunt and peck method isn't so effective. What I meant to say is....:-)

Wow, thank you so much Chris and Kristin!!! I will pray very diligently...continue to ask what He wants, and wait for Him to show me the path.

God Bless both of you!!!!

Love ya brother and sister in the Lord!