08 May 2008

Playing Catch Up...

OK, In my last post I said that I owed an explanation, and I reckon but first, a couple brief amendments to this unfolding story since there continues to be action here:

  1. The breakout, or whatever you want to call it, is still going on at Morningstar. If anything, it’s increasing. So that aspect of the equation remains live.
  2. I’ve come to believe that Rebekah should come with me on this trip. As Beth so eloquently put it, we’re one flesh in all ways and while I swear it’s the most obvious thing in the world now that I have it in mind, I see that for some reason it just never occurred to me. Tat thread needs a lot of additional clarification by itself, and perhaps I’ll get into it a little later, but for now just know that all the members of BCNW have been wrestling with this question for most of he last 9 month or so – how do we include our wives in what God is doing? How do we invite them in? Well here’s an idea: invite her...DUH!
  3. Joyner makes a brief point in this article, http://www.morningstarministries.org/Publisher/article.aspx?id=1000031456, that he sees something on the horizon that focuses on motherhood and what our culture has lost there. To that end I notice that this Sunday is both Mother’s Day AND Pentecost. I can’t say that I’ve had any kind of secret knowledge there, but that mash up seems significant to me.
  4. Not only i the Breakout continuing at Morningstar, but God continues to ping me on the need to get there. He popped me twice yesterday with little nudges that mostly just confirm that I’m on a real scent here.

So that’s the morning report (thank you Zazu...) and I’ll check back in soon.

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ricker said...

I'm going. For me this is about making a decision and taking decisive action instead of waiting for the decision to be made for me by default. If I get there and find out it wasn't for me at least I've made a decision and run with it. I'm going to look at airline tickets now.