14 May 2008


I want to drop off a few thoughts that I’ve heard on the wire and that ring for me.

  1. The main flavor of this move of God is to express God’s glory – again, His Glory. And I don’t mean that in the way like we say “Oh, it’s all for His Glory”, I mean the purpose and nature of this move will be for US to experience His Glory.
  2. Where some moves of God require us to contend for them (‘The Kingdom of heaven is taken by force...’), this one will come to us ‘Like a child’ and form rest.

Again, these aren’t my thoughts, but stuff I’ve heard recently that rang for me, and I wanted to share them.


Ricker said...

I concur with both of these insights from personal observation and experiences that seem to be pointing that way.

ricker said...

Just thought of another aspect here that seems true and that is faith. Faith to jump out of the boat when Jesus invites us there to experience his glory. While out there we are resting like a child fully believing he will protect and care for us without our striving for control or safety.

If we choose to play it safe and stay in the boat we will likely miss the experience altogether.