20 June 2013

The Message Of The Keys

I’ve heard it said that circumstance is the language of the Holy Spirit. Basically, that there are times when the specific events and conditions in the world around us are a kind of subtle message from heaven. Over the centuries folks call this kind of thing “signs” or “omens”...that kind of thing. The trick of course is a sensitivity of spirit that can discern a genuine ‘sign’ from everyday details or coincidence and I think there is simply no substitute for that beside the gut feeling you can get when an event or detail somehow ‘rings.’

About two months ago, over the course of about a week, I’ve had this strange thing happen and it’s having that kind of ring to it. Three different keys have gone lost or, in one case, was broken. My office key, my house key and the key to my car. I’ve never lost a key before or since and my key holding gadget is in perfect working order...so it’s just strange. In each case the keys were easily replaced so the events were only trivial inconveniences...but to have three in such a short period got my attention.

So it’s now about two months later and I’ve been thinking about this on and off, I’ve been praying for any additional info, but really I’ve got nothing. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that somehow there was a meaning or purpose in there and I just cant see it. So for today, all I wanted to do is write it down so I can remember it later.

Full stop.