13 May 2008

More about that depression thang

Something has come up enough times that I think it’s worth putting out here.
I submit this only as a hunch or a scent – I’d be interested to know if this rings with anybody.

For several reasons I suspect this depression + isolation attack may be based in witchcraft. Not like the depressed people are dabbling in witchcraft, but maybe a large scale (coordinated?) curse/spell.

Look, I know how that sounds. I’m just putting it out there to see who salutes.

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Kristin said...

Odd you say that - and it could very well be that you're correct. I've been hearing a lot of stories on the wiccan subject lately. Just the night before last, my friend was telling a story of how she was at a gas station and the Lord told her to speak to the attendant/cashier girl. In an ice-breaking maneuver, my friend (who's blind as a bat) said, "I like your necklace - is that the Star of David?" (Again, she couldn't see, but that's what it looked like through her vision-impaired eyes. "No," replies the cashier, "it's a pentagram." You can imagine my friend's horror, but she handled it well. She proceeded to speak to the girl, who's a practicing witch. She said she was searching a couple of years ago, and wiccan beliefs/practices just 'made sense' to her. This broke my friend's heart, so much so that she reached over the counter, touched the girl's hand, and said, 'honey, I'm here to tell you that what you are believing is not the truth. The truth is, you have a savior named Jesus Christ who came to earth and died for you - that's how much He loves you." Before my friend could say any more, the girl pulled her hand away, jumped backward, covered her eyes (?) and told my friend to leave. It broke her heart to see how downcast and deceived this poor young girl was. Before she laid a hand on the girl, she prayed that the Lord would pull back the strongholds of the enemy long enough for the Truth to penetrate her heart. So, my friend prepared the way for a working of the Holy Spirit in this girl's life - He's got her number. This story does have a point to your blog entry: I think that while we pray for the strongholds of depression to be broken for those who suffer, we should also pray the same for all the others who walk that path of deception that is witchcraft.
Just a thought.