21 May 2008

Quick note

Just a really quick note before I forgot it.
There is a rather popular atheist book out right now and a website all with the argument that says “Why won’t God heal amputees” an it goes on to lay a case that since God doesn’t heal amputees he can’t be all powerful and ergo...can’t be God.

Many Christians have taken the bait there by immediately accepting the premise...but the premise is false.

While this is news to me, it seems this is not new data, about a number of cases in the last year or two of amputees being restored including fingers, an entire hand, and at least one leg below the knee. I don’t know if there are more cases, but Bill Johnson dropped those cases in this morning’s message as if it were no particular big deal.

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Devin said...

I don't get it. I guess I'd have to read the entire argument, and so I could have this entirely wrong, but on its surface, it sounds pretty ridiculous.

"God doesn't perform enough miracles to satisfy me! I want a specific miracle, and then I'll believe."

Even if God has never healed an amputee, what does that prove? He brought a man back from the dead. He removed leprosy. He created the entire freakin' Universe. Oh, and then there was that whole thing where He suffered torment and death in order to save us all from eternal damnation. But someone's bitter because He hasn't made their leg grow back?

Sounds like a classic case of missing the point. It's the construction of an excuse that affords an unrepentant heart comfort. And it's one in a long line of weak arguments.