25 June 2008

Is it just me?

OK – this is weird.
On Saturday Rebekah and I were going up to Vancouver. A church I’m passingly familiar with was hosting a kind of prophetic conference where you could show up and see if maybe God had something specific he wanted to tell you through a team of prophets. Frankly the whole thing is a little outside he box for me, but I admit I was at least interested enough to check it out.

Anyway, as we’re cruising up I-5 at 60 MPH in the middle of downtown Tigard, a doe bounds over the center divider in the freeway and makes a beeline for my windshield. I swerve, she swerves and she misses me by like 5 feet – I kid you not. She makes it across one more lane to the far right lane where she’s creamed by a delivery truck that sends her down the shoulder like a spinning hockey puck. The truck dented its bumper and lost a headlight, but otherwise calmly pulls over and nobody beside the deer is hurt.

You know – it’s a strange thing anyway, seeing a deer jump out in front of you on a freeway. But I have the additional fact that for years, God has specifically used deer to indicate his presence to me. It’s a long story to explain that, but take my word or it for now. And on top of THAT, I’m off to go looking specifically for a sign from God when this happens.

I’m not really hip on seeing omens in things, but this was such a strange and shocking event that I guess I just want to record it for posterity in case it does turn out to be auspicious of something.

Feel free to offer your interpretations by the way...


Marilyn said...

My interpretation: You almost hit a deer. The deer was hit by a truck and I assume was killed. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Uh, I think you're reading too much into it. I don't think God would endanger your mortal life or kill a deer just to send you a "sign."

Personally, I grew up with "prophets" at the dinner table. I don't think it's worth killing a deer over either way.

Risa said...

It does seem weird to me that your 'sign' would get creamed by a truck rather than bounding safely through a typically non-deer zone. Then again, maybe its a sign for you to avoid large trucks for awhile? Or maybe I'm just being cheeky today... ;o)

mattamox said...

My interpretation isn't an interpretation. I think that if God has specifically used deer to communicate His presence to you then there really wasn't any ambiguity about it at the time. You knew it was God because He made sure you knew the deer was from Him.

If that surety isn't there, then maybe it was just a deer.

If I was pressed to interpret this, I'd say that God is moving past using deer to indicate His presence... especially considering the ambiguity about such a non-ambiguous and violent event.

Kristin said...

If the deer had been hit by a bread truck, I may have wondered...

David said...

I guess it's the difference between God's voice being the whisper in the wind, or being the wind itself. Deer are special because of the voice of God that moves through them, but there's nothing innately special about a deer all by itself. I think we can easily get caught up in the troubles (like this) of equating God's voice too closely with the methods in which it shows up. But as the guys down in Redding would testify, He's always doing something new, and as Aslan says, it doesn't happen the same way twice. God is dynamic, and I reckon he's got more ways to speak to you than deer, keep an ear open for the voice that speaks, not necessarily the particular channels it always speaks on.

But that's just me :)