26 January 2014

The Comeback of Blogging

Several years ago I was regularly entertained, encouraged, challenged and tested by a circle of friends and acquaintances, including myself, who were regular bloggers. We we all just sharing what we were thinking about or going through and the posts rang from one paragraph passing thoughts to long essays on deep and difficult things. But more than the writing was the reading, and the talking. The comments and the follow ups and the strong sense of community that I felt with fried all over the country. And in addition to personal friends there were blogs by strangers or admirees that I kept tabs on. I remember randomly finding the blog of a guy who had left a Pentecostal church and was blogging about his experience of studying ordination for a Greek Orthodox priesthood. Another stranger who was a mom wrestling with CP in her child and all that it entailed in her life. All of that felt rich and right and deep. It was a format that suited both my temperament and my schedule. It s never hard to catch up on blogs when time permitted, whether that was weekly, monthly, or occasionally after long terms of unavailabilty.

Bot somewhere in there, seems like it might have coined with the economic mess of 2008 but I not sure, folks just stopped writing - including me. Well, to be fair, we didn't stop writing all together, we more accurately stopped writing blogs and started tapping like buttons or composing 160 character comments. To be clear, I was the same. My blog was fallow for a long time with only occasional posts.

The thing is, whatever the cause something that I was really enjoying seemed to wither and fold in a very short time and I was subtly mourning that loss for a long time.

But - I think that may be coming back and I'm happy. Sluss-the-Taller has recently started a brand new blog that I'm very excited to see as he makes a pilgrimage from Mexico to Canada, Raven&Emerald has been keeping a fascinating blog about her inner journey, and I just found that KrisB started a new blog that is off to a wonderful start.

I'd be very interested to know, in hindsight, what happened back in 2008-2009. Dd mounting financial stress leave less time for reflection and reading? That seems like a reasonable answer. Did the convenience of Facebook and the illusion of interaction tempt us all for a season? That also seems true enough for myself though the illusion is broken now and I find FB to have a different role than blogging. Or maybe something else entirely. Regardless. I'm encouraged by the nascent reawakening and I sure hope we get back to what we had and I dearly loved.


Gary Gilliam said...

Good point! Things stopped for me too. Not sure why.

RETA said...

I am new to the blogspot world! My sisters suggested I start one. I did. I literally walked miles and miles each day here at home, and pretended I was walking Ireland. I logged my miles, going from place to place and I would write all about my virtual travels and adventures! It was fun - but I found that I spent way too much time working on it - as I posted daily. I closed that blogspot and began one in Sept. of last year (2013). This one is one of faith. I don't mind spending time on this one. I don't comment or preach and I do not allow comments - but I know that each day a little scripture is going out into the cyberworld to maybe encourage someone's heart or make them think. So, Here I have "happened" upon your site and say, "Thank you for writing"! It is always nice to visit other's spots and to be a tiny part of this community! Take care my friend!

RETA@ http://evenhaazer.blogspot.com

Bente said...

Can't say what the reason was for you all are back then,I am a 2 year old newbee - but know when I become 'busy' the writing stops, because the contemplating becomes brief thoughts like a shooting star, that I enjoy in the moment but don't take time to pursue.
Always look forward to hearing what you have to say - or write - Mr. Skaggs.

Michael Slusser said...

I ran into the problem that RETA had above: writing the blog started feeling like more of a chore than a joy, and while I enjoyed writing long posts, they started eating up large amounts of my time and brainpower. Then Facebook showed up and posting short status updates was far easier and gives some of that same sense of community (while limiting the depth of discussion, usually).

My blog now springs from a source of deep joy and delight for me, so it doesn't feel like a burden, and since I'm planning on writing a book, the posts there are purposefully more everyday and light, so it feels like far less pressure. I do find that I still obsess over the sound and quality, though--that may simply be a reflection of my own nature than anything else and possibly unavoidable.

My one other issue is that I'm deeply tied to the acceptance that I want from the responders, and that's a two-edged sword at best. I have to purposefully fight the urge to check how many people have read, how many have commented (and I appreciate your comments a good deal), how many followers I have, and so on. I usually don't win that fight, either. There is a discipline and grace to be learned in coming to peace with that and separating my desire for accolades from my desire to communicate. I'm not certain I've found the balance, but it's in intriguing investigation.

Kathie said...

I should be back in on February 3, the third anniversary of my last post. I am still kicking and screaming a bit, but as Michael wrote, I am hoping to bring a different perspective and experience this time. I have a new site and am looking to see what God has in store. Once again, I am only in because He asked. And because my little brother inspires me. :)