07 February 2006

2006 Goals

Just a few New Years Resolutions – a month late – and entered here so interested friends and family can poke me in the ribs over the course of the year to “encourage” me. ;)

  1. Complete my black belt. I reckon it’s about time to make a solid push to wrap this up. I need to finish fire (Ki) and work my way through wind (Foo). No small feat. I’m told that while wind is the easiest element to grasp intellectually, it’s the hardest to get your body to comply. I continue to really enjoy Ninjutsu, but with the baby coming up I’m doubting I’ll have a lot of time to train. So it’s it’s now...or wait an unknown amount of time.
  2. Achieve a proper salary for all the monkeys. Really, everybody in Code-Monkeys gets less money than market rate, including myself. In order to do that, and pay all the bills, I figure we need to make about $250k this year – so that’s my goal.
  3. Spend as little time as possible in front of the TV. That darn thing sucks up way too much time with no return on investment.
  4. Keep my head in the game – the spiritual warfare game...but more on that in another post.

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