25 January 2015

A Different Theory of Ghosts

If (Dead humans continue to exist as spirits, including the memory of their physical lives.) {
     If (Spirits can travel at the speed of thought.) {
          If (Time is appropriately understood,at least for spirits, as an equal axis of freedom like 3 dimensional space) {

               Perhaps the whole ‘ghosts have unfinished business on earth’ is better articulated as a spirit dwelling on memories that are being recalled and or processed. As we all find ourselves dwelling on painful memories a spirit may be dwelling on a past as they work to process it. They are not so much ‘haunting’ a place as thinking about it and in so doing they travel there - through space and time - because they’re thinking about it and that’s how travel works for them.

               And every once in a while we catch a glimpse of that spirit as it thinks, ponders, fret, or fixates on some place or time that was meaningful to them.

               Why this seems at least a little interesting to me is that whenever I heard the ‘unfinished business’ idea I couldn’t help of imagining the ghosts as somehow mindless. “Doomed to haunt the scars of their past” was a way of saying they had no choice, no volition.

               But thinking of them as active minds - perhaps even in the midst of some post-life therapy - seems more interesting.

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