11 August 2010

Welcome Back Weary FB Refugees

It may be a bit premature but I think I’m stating to see a return to blogging in my circle. For a while it seemed that the demon Facebook had siphoned away all the people I cared to read about and forced us al into short little snippets and pointless pokes. But I was starting to miss the blogs a lot. Though in truth, I think Kathie soldiered on alone and I too long neglected to read her ongoing adventure.)

Anyway – I’m glad to be blogging again, and gladder still to see others back in their respective saddles. Now somebody bug Holly.

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Kathie said...

Funny...I was just telling my mom this afternoon some of the "not so fun" of FB these days for me. Meanwhile, God has been poking at me to write more on the bloggy (though I appreciate that you think I carried the torch :) Time for some real thinking and talking.