03 June 2009

Bun in the Oven

Just got the Ultrasound results  - It’s a girl. :)


Michael Slusser said...

Huzzah! Congratulations, sir. God is a gracious God (with a sense of humor).

Risa said...

Chris, you'd better start practicing resisting those fluttering eyelashes and pouty lips now. If she looks like Rebekah and has your outgoingness and charm, you're hosed, man... :o)


Risa said...

By the way, until you reveal the mystery name, I'm going to call the nugget Renesmee. You can ask Rebekah what that means... ;o)

***laura~* said...

you mean at least ONE of them is a girl...i'm still counting on twins, chris...becky totally said i could have one.
hey, i'll take whatever i can get!