13 August 2008

Awesome News!

In the (admittedly small) pond of Christian gaming, there are very few big fish. But about two months ago I was able to make contact with a the guy who is arguably he biggest of them. In an effort to stay good on the NDA I can’t tell you his name quite yet but for know, we’ll call him Ralph.

Ralph is the producer and publisher of the most successful Christian video game ever made and is also the spokesman/president (I think) of one of the largest advocacy groups for family friendly media. He’s the single most connected node in the whole network with first name links to places like Walden Media (Chronicles of Narnia movies), Icon (Passion of the Christ) and other names that you may or may not recognize. All of that is only to say that getting on Ralph’s good side is a big deal if you hope to make a Christian video game.

About three weeks ago I took a shot and sent him the Soma investor presentation and crossed my fingers...and myself.
But after three weeks, several emails and a couple calls...I had heard nothing and was stating to wonder if I’d done something wrong.
Today, however I took one more chance and gave Ralph a ring. I had some pretty mixed feelings when he answered since I didn’t know why he’d been silent and I wondered if he’d come back with something like, ‘Chris from Soma? Oh...you...’

But instead he said, and I quote, “I’ve seen hundreds of these [presentations] and yours is easily in the top ten I’ve ever seen.”
Boo Yah! Bam! w00t!

Of course it’s not like he sent me a check...yet...but Ralph’s undisguised enthusiasm for Soma and what I’m trying to do is a huge boost and the big open door I’ve been praying for.

Speaking of prayer, today is also exactly 40 days from when I started an extended fast at the beginning of July. I started that fast with a specific eye (at least partly) on hoping to break Soma’s progress free from what has started to feel like stagnant waters since about May.

So there is still a lot to do before we write our first line of code, but Ralph’s endorsement is a huge coo coup.
Yeah Jesus!


Michael Slusser said...

That is fantastic news; it's awesome to watch this thing sprout and bloom.

And, just because I'm still grading these lovely, lovely English papers, I have to point out that, unless Ralph is a giant pigeon, his endorsement is probably a huge "coup."

Silverback said...

...I was wondering about that. Honestly I paused on that word for a full minute wondering which version of the word was the right one. But if I have the solid word of an English teacher, I'll go with your input.

Varooga said...

I am so happy for you and for Soma, I love to watch these wonderful things unfold around you!
"God is good, all the time."