23 August 2007

Wonderful News

Just a quick post to share some wonderful news.

Odin was in the hospital the other day where he took a swallow test to check the interior diameter of his throat. For anyone not in the know, he’s been going to the hospital about every three weeks since he was born to stretch that point in his throat where they had to sew everything back together. The procedure itself isn’t terribly tricky, it’s an outpatient thing for an adult, but every three weeks for a year has been incredibly taxing – particularly on Rebekah who is the person with him most of the time.

Anyway, that now appears to be behind us. Almost a year to the day and we have no more dilations scheduled and the doctors expect he’ll be just fine from here on out. There is still a minor chance that his throat will start to constrict again, and we’ll forever want to take extra caution about taking too big a bite of food, but aside from that – it’s over.

I can’t tell you how happy that makes me and how it feels like the sun finally breaking through the clouds. What a crazy, brilliant, tortuous twelve months we’ve lived through...and I have this beautiful, wonderful son to show for it. Without question it’s all been worth it.


Devin said...

That is wonderful news. I can only imagine how unpleasant it must have been having to do all of that for so long. I'm sure Odin will be pleased, too. Praise God!

Kathie said...

Yippee for Odin! BIG bottle of wine for Mom and Dad! Giant praise to Jesus!

Risa said...

Woo-hoo! Bring on the Scotch Eggs and Bobo! :o)