26 July 2007

Getting It

I only have a moment here, but allow me to direct your attention to a dear friend of mine:

Fish is...well...effusive in this post but if you don’t have the time to read it her point is so fresh, and so ancient and so incredibly important I just had to pick it up for a moment.

God loves me.

I’m amazed at how much time and energy we (as regular ol’ people) spend avoiding, fighting, doubting, dismissing and disregarding this wonderful fact. Please understand, I’m not trying to criticize anybody who wrestles with this. Lord knows it’s my daily bread as often as not. But in the good days I see that my best, most profound epiphanies all settle down into one of two things.
A: God is good.
B: God loves me.

Reading Fish talk about the overwhelming sense of being loved by her friends and family, and by immediate extension – loved by her Creator...man that is no small thing. And there is a part of me that almost snipes at her with a kind of ‘well duh’ expression. But another (and I think more holy) part of me says to that first part ‘Shut the hell up!’

If I could get to that point where I no longer had any doubt about God’s love I’d be half way to paradise. If I could really call my Lord Papa without feeling like I was somehow presuming upon his patience, or pray without the myriad of affectations I employ to try and move his hand...if I could only accept that he isn’t disappointed in me somehow...

Perhaps the thing we most need from Jesus’ example, and perhaps the thing we almost entirely miss, is the way he lets others love Him, particularly his dad. I think more and more about how easily Jesus received love totally without pretense, or shame, or desire to earn it.

God loves me.

God loves me.

God loves me.

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Kathie said...

It is indeed an awesome post--and the very same topic upon which I am banging my head at the moment.