13 June 2007


overhead we see the dove
now I am you and you are me
one flesh, one life, one love
You are my word for Jubilee
as summer reigns
you are my fun
my one, my love
my breath, my smile
my life

as autumn longs
you are my hope
my tomorrow, my many more
my still to come
my now but not yet

as winter falls
you are my gratefulness
my accomplishment, my final sigh
you are my evidence, my regretlessness
and yet my regret for breathlessness

within us now we house the dove
now He and you and me
our me’s below, our we above
your ring, your vow, you share with me
you are my year of Jubilee


Kristin said...


Angeleen said...

Chris, this is absolutely beautiful.

What a tribute to your bride.

You are a man of fathomless depth and many talents.