04 October 2005

My Real Purpose...

Just for the record: My real purpose for this blog is simple. I want Hew Hewitt to mention me on his talk show. :)
Hew – please man, if you ever do mention me, the proper title is the one you used yesterday, I think conjunction with Albert Mohler, “A Leading Conservative Thinker”

...And I only get to listen to you in my car, so please let me know ahead of time so I can tape it...better yet, call me and I'll be on your show supporting the San Diego Chargers.


TheMightyQuinn said...

LOL!! Thats great man...I listen to Hugh as well so I'll be root'n for ya.

matt said...

Never heard of him. Is that a West Coast thing or what?
You guys ever git any redneck radio hosts out there?